The Washington Alpine Club is committed to preserving the natural places where we love to learn and play.

The stewardship committee is challenged to think globally and act locally. Working with other groups to provide insight, volunteer hours, and financial support to mountains, climbing areas and other at-risk environments.

Many people do not know that there are already a lot of WAC folks volunteering and taking part in stewardship projects. We want to change that. Tell us what you’re up to and inspire others to join in. Maybe you just have a great idea, but need some help setting it up or a WAC friend or two to join you. Even if you saw an event that you are unable to attend, but you want others to know about it, pass it along! Please complete this form to have your stewardship event or great idea added to the WAC Bulletin.

You can contact the stewardship comittee by emailing

Latest Stewardship posts
  • Stewardship news – March 2020
    This month, we’re passing along some Spring Messages from the Access Fund: Give raptors space (Why Raptors Need Space in Nesting Season) Tread lightly in the desert (4 Easy Ways to be Low Impact on Desert Climbing Trips) Defend Democracy and the Outdoors. Protect Climbing. (Pledge to Vote in November) Sign up to get Access …

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  • Olympic Beach Cleanup April 24, 2021
    Join other members of the WAC to cleanup a stretch of beach on the Olympic Peninsula and have fun meeting people.
  • Introducing the Stewardship Committee
    In 2019 the WAC Board spent a lot of time thinking about the club’s long term growth strategy. They conducted a survey to better understand why we are and stay members of the WAC, what we like and dislike about the club, and how we want to grow. They held a Town Hall – so that we …

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  • Olympic Beach Cleanup April 21/22, 2018
    Olympic Coast Beach Cleanup! I organize this annual event on Earth Day weekend each year. Many people, including many from the Washington Alpine Club participate comprar viagra generico. Come join us. Our strong, and committed team of volunteers enjoys a great time at the Olympic Coast and gives a little back! April 21/22 2018 “The …

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