Introducing the Stewardship Committee

In 2019 the WAC Board spent a lot of time thinking about the club’s long term growth strategy. They conducted a survey to better understand why we are and stay members of the WAC, what we like and dislike about the club, and how we want to grow. They held a Town Hall – so that we could gather and discuss the results of the survey and drive where the club would go in the future.

Stewardship – giving back to the places where we climb, hike, ski, and play – is important to the club. WAC members are interested in giving back and there was a desire for more commitment to these efforts. (See this slide from the town hall presentation.

So, we (currently Tessa McGee, Jen Louie, and Matt Moore) have formed a Stewardship Committee! We will have special space in the bulletin each month to tell you about opportunities to serve the community and steward the lands we impact as a club.

You can reach us at

Please complete this form to have your stewardship event or great idea added to the WAC Bulletin. It doesn’t have to be a WAC only event or even a fully baked idea. If you are out there volunteering and want some WAC friends to join you… or you heard of a cool organization and you want the club to get involved… even if you have an idea for an event, but you’re not sure how to organize it, please reach out! We can help!

Here are a few things going on in our community that we’ve highlighted since our inception in December 2019!

– Sign up to volunteer for the Northwest Avalanche Center (NWAC)
– Leave a Legacy (include a charitable organization in your estate plan). For example, the Methow Conservancy.
– Volunteer locally with Green Seattle Partnerships
– Your every day actions can make real progress – 10 Ways to Help Birds  
– Sign a petition! Take Action to Protect Trails