Olympic Beach Cleanup April 24, 2021

2020 was cancelled due to the corona virus. We will be back in 2021 (hopefully!)

Olympic Beach Cleanup on Earth Day Saturday April 25, 2020

Marine debris is trash that somehow ends up in the ocean. It could come down a local waterway, or across the ocean from Japan, or other locations in Asia. Now it’s degrading and poisoning our coastal wildlife and releasing its toxins into the food chain. 

Or maybe a commercial fishing boat lost some gear in one of our notorious winter storms. Now it’s floating around out there, damaging our coastal fisheries, and pointlessly killing everything that gets caught.

The Olympic Beach Cleanup was organized by our good friend Jan Klippert in 2000, sponsored by the Washington Alpine Club, Washington Trails Association, the Mountaineers, and several others. Now the Clean up is organized by Coastsavers. I have led this effort for the WAC since 2002.

Our team will again do the Hoh Beach and points north as far as we can. Most years we do Jefferson Cove as well. We find fishing floats, rope, plastic bottles, metal items. Wonderful glass fishing floats from Japan are occasionally discovered. We will carry everything out to Oil City Trailhead. This will require several trips but doesn’t take long.

This is a great time to visit the our amazing Pacific Coast, do a good deed, and meet some new folks. You can come for the day on Saturday, or camp with us on Saturday night at Hoh Beach.

Can’t make it to Hoh Beach, there are many other options to participate everywhere along the WA coast. You can also hike in to other more remote locations and carry a bag or two out. Contact me for suggestions.

For info or to rsvp, email Mike mikemahanay@gmail.com

20 Year member including 14 as President. Current Cabin Chair. Climber, Peak Bagger, Back country Skier, Skate Skier, marathoner, Ultra Trail runner.