Come to Guye Cabin!

Come to Guye Cabin!
Guye Cabin

Guye Cabin is open for 2022 WAC members and guests! Bring the family and friends! Come up anytime!

>All days are open to everyone
Just email Mike I will send you the opening/closing guidance

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Updated Covid requirements:

  • Full vaccination required.
  • Masks are required unless social distancing

Donations needed- Disinfectant, cleaning supplies, show shovels, 2 floor lamps, led flashlights, toilet paper, paper towels. Serviceable gear, and winter clothes, pants, jackets, hats, gloves.

Please have WAC sticker on your car. You can get one at the Cabin or I can mail you one.  Here is the map of where to park MAP

Membership– please go to our website, log in and check the status of your membership. If you have not renewed please do so. (memberships expired the end of December)

Please pay your Cabin fees in advance online

Come up to spend the day, or overnight.

If you have been to Guye Cabin before you have found a welcoming environment. A nice path to the Cabin, warm fires in the stoves, and our beautiful mountain environment.

Thank you
Mike Mahanay  Cabin Chair

20+ Year member including 14 as President. Current Cabin Chair, Organizer of the Annual Beach Cleanup and Summer PCT Hiker Hosting. I have climbed all the CO 14ers, Highest peaks in the Western States, all the PNW volcanos, completed 268 marathons and ultras, 60 months Turns All Year.