Reserve Guye Cabin!

Guye Cabin is now open for exclusive ISO reservations this winter
Just check the Club calendar for open dates now through April. Lots of open weekdays!

Due to the pandemic we will not have unlimited Cabin access like in prior years.

If you have been to Guye Cabin in the winter before you have found a welcoming environment. A nice path to the Cabin, warm fires in the stoves, and the winter chill gone.  Archie, Dennis, myself, Elden, Rob, & Ralph have all spent a good part of their Friday to open Guye Cabin and get it going.

If you plan on going to Guye Cabin this winter-

We will continue exclusive use by reservation only (no day use cabin access) as we have all summer and fall. It will be a much different experience than past winters. A real mountain lodge that you are responsible for.

With your reservation you will be responsible for completing the winter opening and closing process.

You must be prepared to make a path from your car to the Cabin (snowshoes are needed)
Do the winter open of the Cabin – not only turn on the water but close 10 open valves, get a fire going, shovel the snow off the stairs (front and back) and deck, and then when you leave do the winter close. This is some work and not to be taken lightly!

Guidance will be provided and training on a day in Dec for those unfamiliar with the winter process.

Winter fees-

With a lot fewer people staying at the Cabin we will have to charge more than the normal member/guest rates to cover the cost of utilities

$100 a night in addition to the normal member/guest fee $20/$25 per person

You can reserve Guye Cabin any day of the week except Sunday and Thursday nights. (a day is typically from noon to noon the next day) During the week, there is no snow plowing so you might have to park on the road.

Initial reservations will be open for one week Nov 8 -15.
If there are more than 1 party asking for the same dates we will do a lottery to determine who gets that date (so be prepared with a back up date)

Folks can use the Cabin property anytime for snow play but there will be no access to the Cabin except on special reserved outside Play days.

Outside Play Days-

We will reserve some days for outside play only providing there is a host responsible for the day. The Cabin itself will be closed but the bathrooms only will be open.

Dec 25, 26, 29 Jan 18 Feb 15 March 8

Notes- Winter storms do come through sometimes dropping as much as several feet of snow. You must be prepared to dig your car out. There is also the possibility to lose power.

To see what dates are available for the winter-
See a date you like that doesn’t have a name next to it? Email Mike M to confirm.
Pay online

Thank you
Mike Mahanay  Cabin Chair/Director

20+ Year member including 14 as President. Current Cabin Chair & Director. climbed all the CO 14ers, Highest peaks in the Western States, all the PNW volcanos, 268 marathons and ultras, 60 months turns all year.