Community Discussion: You climbed WHAT?!

Climbing Route Names and Inclusive Language

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Tue, Jan 12th 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM PST

Climbing route names can rouse laughter, raise eyebrows, and they can inspire you to return to a project again and again. They can also alienate people from the sport, both new and veteran. Here and abroad, climbing route names are a source of controversy – especially over the last year. Some local climbs in Vantage, Index, and other crags in the PNW are up for debate.

This week we’d like to get together as a community to talk about offensive climbing route names. Do words matter? Why? What about the people who named routes? What other type of language does this remind you of? What is our role to make route names (and climbing) more inclusive?

If you have time, we encourage you to read Misogyny on the Rocks (, and How One Climber is Calling Out Racism in the Outdoor Industry ( ahead of our discussion. Both articles shine light on specific examples of how climbing route names have affected and created a divide within their communities.

Leading this discussion are three WAC climbers and volunteers: Amanda Helfer, Katie Sieverman, and Rachel Davidson. Join us and bring your own impressions, stories, observations, and ideas to share with the community.