Community Discussion: How Do the Outdoors Serve Our Mental Health?

March 2nd 2021 @ 7:00PM

What if we looked at mental health the same way we look at physical health? Outdoor activities depend on both, and they impact both in varying degrees – whether we acknowledge it or not.

Our second Community Discussion will be led by WAC member and psychologist Trevor Davis. Trevor will be walking us through a short presentation on resiliency aspects of outdoor activities and community, as well as some of the known risk factors for things like stress injuries and mental health issues. Then together, we will explore the spectrum of benefits and risks related to outdoor sports and our mental health.

The presentation and following community discussion will cover questions such as: Why do we push ourselves, and when do we all need to stop pushing? Why do we sometimes disengage with things we typically love, and when is it OK to pull back versus push ourselves forward? We’d love to hear from you, our audience members, during this talk. Please come with your own stories and experiences that you’d like to share.