Olympic Beach Cleanup April 20, 2024

Olympic Beach Cleanup April 20, 2024

Olympic Coast Beach Cleanup!

I organize this annual event on Earth Day weekend each year.
Many people, including many from the Washington Alpine Club participate. Come join us.

Our strong, and committed team of volunteers enjoys a great time at the Olympic Coast and gives a little back!

Bring gloves, trash bags, rope clippers, etc.

April 20, 2024 Earth Day

“The wildest, the most remote and, I think, the most picturesque beach area of our whole coastline lies under the pounding surf along the Pacific Ocean in the State of Washington . . . It is a place of haunting beauty, of deep solitude.” William O. Douglas

We have a new location for the Beach Cleanup this Earth Day РApril 20. It will be on the Quinault Reservation at Point Grenville from 9-3. Thi is south of Lake Quinault and north of Moclips.
This is a very exciting opportunity to visit a remote location and work with the tribe. It is early on and my friend Megan at Coastsavers is still working out some details.
If you are interested in coming this year please¬†let me know, and register on the link below. I don’t know if there will be camping or not …. yet… or where the best campground¬†is. Kalaloch?

25+ Year member including 14 as President. organized WFA Class & Wed Night Ski Class, Current Cabin Chair, Organizer of the Annual Beach Cleanup and Summer PCT Hiker Hosting. I have climbed all the CO 14ers, Highest peaks in the Western States, all the PNW volcanos, 38 of the WA 100, completed 268 marathons and ultras, 60 months Turns All Year.