Guye Cabin Stewardship Program –

Guye Cabin Stewardship Program –

Thanks to the PCT hikers and more than 60 WAC Volunteers we were finally able to finish the upgrade and remodel to the dorms in Guye Cabin! Yes! The Cabin will not only be safer and warmer, easier to keep clean, and quieter and more pleasant too.

Volunteer to help keep the heart of the WA Alpine Club in tip top shape! Sign up to be responsible for an area in your skillset. We will schedule one day a month May to October, or you can come up anytime.

Yardwork (Summer) – mow the Cabin yard, Community area, Milwaukee Trail, weedwack the trails

Trail maintenance (Summer) – brush, weedwack, do drainage work, build turnpikes, clear down trees

Firewood (Summer) – Gather, buck, split, stack, wheel barrow, and put away

Winter preparation (Oct) – bring in all outside furniture, put covers on 1st floor doors and window, change batteries in clocks, thermostats, emergency lights. Close shutters.

Winter (Winter) Shovel snow from deck, front and back stairs, from the Cone House, and the Fire hydrant at the street. Maybe a window or two also. Clean the entryway of snow, wood chips, broken sleds etc.

Summer preparation (June)- take out furniture for the summer, remove door covers, open shutters

Outside painting and siding repair (June) – Touch up the red and green around the Cabin, caulk, repair siding, repair shutters

Inside deep cleaning (year round)- Clean inside the Cabin- windows, mop, disinfect, dust

Various days thru the summer

If any of these tasks are in your forte please let me know and we can find a day that works. 

This is your chance to really contribute to the Guye Cabin community. No experience is necessary and all are welcome.

Contact Mike to help out!

25+ Year member including 14 as President. organized WFA Class & Wed Night Ski Class, Current Cabin Chair, Organizer of the Annual Beach Cleanup and Summer PCT Hiker Hosting. I have climbed all the CO 14ers, Highest peaks in the Western States, all the PNW volcanos, 38 of the WA 100, completed 268 marathons and ultras, 60 months Turns All Year.