WAC hosting the PCT thru hikers 2024!

WAC hosting the PCT thru hikers 2024!

Beginning July 13! Contact me to reserve your hosting dates!  

This helps the Club, Guye Cabin, the outdoor community and most of all- the PCT hikers! 


 Be a Pacific Crest Trail Angel by becoming a volunteer host at Guye Cabin on Snoqualmie Pass!

View this short presentation on hosting PCT hikers

We fill dates from July 13 until September 15! Stay from 1 to 5 nights! Ideally hosts will work in teams of 2-3. Contact Mike to reserve and for the updated  schedule on the WAC Calendar. Dates will fill fast. If you don’t host please still stop by to help out and join the fun.

This will be the eighth year the WAC has hosted to the PCT hikers coming from Mexico on their way to Canada (or visa versa) – we are lucky to get to see them over 2400 miles into their journey and only ~260 from the border.

In 2023 we hosted over 800 hikers and had many hikers say that Guye Cabin was their best stay of the entire Trail! And our Volunteer hosts had a blast meeting amazing people and making friends from all over the world on an amazing journey of a lifetime! 

Ready to give back in a new way? Gap Year, Retired? Under employed? Work remotely? Bored? Want to meet some new folks from all over the world and make new friends? Just want to have fun? This is perfect for you!


Welcome PCT hikers and instruct them on the use of Guye Cabin – showers, dorms, bunks, library
Sign people the in register and log book and confirm their reservation. (they will pay online mostly some will pay cash)
Tell them where the showers and laundry are. … Combine loads, solar dryer
Keep things organized.
Keep control of the kitchen- ie clean dish and rinse water. Sanitize, manage leftovers, Show hikers where to put trash and recycle, manage left overs in the refrigerator.

We provide a simple pasta dinner, and pancake breakfast. (Hosts are welcome to bring extras, and their specialty).
Ask them to help with meals, washing and putting away towels etc.
Easy Hiker Chores- sweep, mop, vacuum empty trash, clean bathrooms, etc
Answer questions about Snoqualmie Pass, fires, weather, injuries, closures, and the trail ahead
Make some new friends
Have fun!

For the most part the hikers take care of themselves and through their trail telegraph they know what to expect. We ask them to do a chore and to help in the kitchen. I have had people who completely took responsibility for the kitchen and prepared meals. We provide pasta, pancakes and other stuff (maybe salad). Mainly it is keeping the place organized – kind of like a dorm mom.  
Host shifts run from noon to noon. Many hosts stay 2-3 days. Sign ups on the WAC Calendar– 
Hosts  have the new upgraded host room above the kitchen for relaxation and privacy. We also have remodeled dorms, new bunks, and new remodeled restrooms.

If you have additional questions just contact Mike via PM or email. 
Remember you can also help out in other ways.

25+ Year member including 14 as President. organized WFA Class & Wed Night Ski Class, Current Cabin Chair, Organizer of the Annual Beach Cleanup and Summer PCT Hiker Hosting. I have climbed all the CO 14ers, Highest peaks in the Western States, all the PNW volcanos, 38 of the WA 100, completed 268 marathons and ultras, 60 months Turns All Year.