Plan Your Cabin Trip

All members and Guests must be vaccinated against covid! Symptoms or sick stay home.

Users are responsible for opening, closing, maintenance and cleaning.
Check the WAC calendar for open dates then email Mike Mahanay! Lots of weekdays free!

Pay your fees online

Starting Oct 18 $50 a night to cover the cold weather utilities (heat) and the normal $25 for members, $30 for guests per night.
Starting Dec 06 $100 a night to cover the cold weather utilities (heat) and the normal $25 for members, $30 for guests per night.

Day users must pay day use fees.

One of the best things about WAC membership is historic Guye Cabin on Snoqualmie Pass. The jewel of the Alpine Club, the Cabin serves as the focal point for many club classes, activities, and gatherings. First built in 1932, it has been expanded over the years to become a wonderful rustic mountain lodge. It has easy access to all the summit ski areas, the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area, the Pacific Crest Trail, and is a popular meeting place for members year round!

The Rustic Comfort of a Mountain Lodge

Are you looking for a quiet, secluded mountain retreat to get away from the hectic pace of the City? Are you looking for a few comforts after a day of climbing, hiking, skiing, or biking? Do you need a special place to isolate, celebrate a retreat, seminar, camp, birthday, wedding, anniversary, reunion, or other special event?

Whatever your needs, you will find the perfect year-round hideaway in the rustic comfort of Guye Cabin, located in the Mount Baker Snoqualmie National Forest at 3,000’ on Snoqualmie Pass, with views of Guye Peak, Kendall Peak, Denny Mountain, and Snoqualmie Mountain.

With 76 bunks, in women’s, men’s, all-gender and family dormitories, the Cabin can accommodate a large group. Our warm and cozy Fireplace Room is perfect for quiet reading, conversation, and playing games. Chess is always a favorite. Guye Cabin has an outstanding library of outdoor literature and guides. Kids of all ages will find plenty of entertainment. inside and out.

What Guye Cabin is not

It’s not a cheap place to stay for Summit employees, or the Best Western. We don’t have maid service, a janitor, your mom, or employees. It is not a flophouse. It is not a daycare.

It’s a historic rustic Lodge for active members and their guests only with dorm sleeping in bunks in your sleeping bag. All members and guests (including kids) are required to pitch in and help clean and maintain the Cabin. That keeps it affordable and also keeps out people just looking for a hotel. We are a mountain family home away from home. What ties us together is our willingness to work to maintain what we have been given; the love of the outdoors and enjoying it with our friends.


Guye Cabin is hostel style. We have a full kitchen with electric stove, two microwaves, refrigerator, and a complete set of dishes, pots, pans, and cups. Just bring your own food, and prepare it at your leisure. We have a three cycle sink dishwasher. Just clean up after your meal. Put away clean dishes.

Things to Know

Guye Cabin is open to all current active Washington Alpine Club members and their guests.
Alcohol and smoking are not allowed in the Cabin, or anywhere on the WAC property.

The Cabin is non-hosted.

Parents are responsible for their children. Please watch them at all times inside and outside the Cabin. Snoqualmie Pass is a wilderness mountain environment. There are wild animals ( we have seen bears, coyotes, bobcats, elk and deer), falling trees, deep snow packs, tree wells, cornices, and extreme weather conditions.

Bunks have mattresses. Guests are asked to provide their own sleeping bags, bedding and pillows. The sleeping areas are not heated, so a 20 degree sleeping bag or better is recommended in the winter. Bring a pillow, extra blanket, flashlight, and ear plugs if you are a light sleeper or not used to a dormitory.

Guye Cabin is a community establishment. Please be respectful of those around you. Children must be supervised by parents or guardians at all times while in the Cabin or on the Cabin property. No running in the Cabin, and food should only be eaten in the Dining Room. Smoking, vaping, drugs, alcoholic beverages, firearms, tvs, dvd players, and amplified sound devices are prohibited. Pets are okay by reservation.

Quiet hours are from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. Remember, you’ll hike, climb, and ski better with a good nights sleep!

Everyone must help to keep the Cabin and the grounds clean. Ask what you can do! Shovel both the front and back stairs, the fire hydrant, and dig out the path in the winter. Restack the firewood. Take all the trash and recycles home with you. Ask the day’s host or a regular specifically what you can do to help. You can’t do too much.

Directions to the Cabin

See this page for detailed directions and maps.

Winter Parking Procedures

We have about 10 spaces in our new parking area off the street. Once those spaces are filled we must park at the far North end of the Sahalie side of the road.
Everyone needs to make sure the signs, cones, and tape are out each day. Everyone is responsible for our parking. Do not allow the public to park in our area!
All WAC cars must have decal displayed on the front drivers side. Please have your guests park at the far N end of the Sahalie side.

During ski season- Thursday night/Friday morning the Summit will plow the lot. You must have your car moved at that time.

When you arrive at Guye Cabin

Be sure to sign the Register and Cabin Log Book how long you are staying, what you are doing etc.
Pay your fees online Day users must pay day use fees.

Introduce yourself to everyone
Check with the Cabin Host and do your chores (such as shoveling snow off the stairs- front and back, digging out the windows, improving the path, etc.)

Please follow the rules while at the Cabin. ( no smoking, no alcohol, quiet time 9 pm to 7 am, eat and drink only in the dining room and kitchen )

Before you leave restock firewood, clean a room of the Cabin so it is even nicer than you found it, sanitize, sweep and mop a floor. Take the recycles, compost and trash home. (There is no garbage service)

More information

If you have questions about Guye Cabin please e-mail Mike Mahanay: