Guye Cabin

Guye Cabin is open for member and guest use anytime! Reserve your stay! We are still exclusive use but beginning in Jan we also be open on Fri/Sat for everyone to visit.

<December 2021>
  123Guye Cabin Shannon TGuye Cabin Shannon T 4Guye Cabin Shannon TGuye Cabin Shannon T 5
678910Guye Cabin JoannaGuye Cabin Joanna 11Guye Cabin JoannaGuye Cabin Joanna 12Guye Cabin JoannaGuye Cabin Joanna
13141516Guye Cabin JoshuaGuye Cabin Joshua 1718Guye Cabin SargentsGuye Cabin Sargents 19Guye Cabin SummerGuye Cabin Summer
20Guye Cabin SummerGuye Cabin Summer 21Guye Cabin Sharon LGuye Cabin Sharon L 22Guye Cabin Sharon LGuye Cabin Sharon L 23Guye Cabin KasiaGuye Cabin Kasia 24Guye Cabin KasiaGuye Cabin Kasia 25Guye Cabin KasiaGuye Cabin Kasia 26Guye Cabin KasiaGuye Cabin Kasia
27Guye Cabin KasiaGuye Cabin Kasia 28Guye Cabin MelissaGuye Cabin Melissa 29Guye Cabin MelissaGuye Cabin Melissa 30Guye Cabin MelissaGuye Cabin Melissa 31Guye Cabin BonnieGuye Cabin Bonnie   

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1932 – “The cabin will be known as Guye Cabin due to its proximity to Guye Peak. It is owned by ye Washington Alpine Club of Seattle. A variegated group of bathers, card sharks, lounge lizards, cats, mountain climbers and skiers.”