Crevasse Rescue Clinic

The 2017 Crevasse Rescue Clinic is full.  Look for more offerings like this in the future!

Some of you may know Mick Pearson and his team, either from the Basic Class instructor session this past year or from the excellent Multi-Pitch Efficiency Seminar he led on Mt. Erie this summer.  Now the WAC is sponsoring another Mick Pearson training opportunity to allow members to expand their crevasse rescue skills beyond what is taught in our other climbing classes.  Once again, the WAC is going to subsidize half the cost of the seminar so that you can attend for only $25!

The class will consist of an evening clinic and then a 3 – 4 hour practice session the following weekend.  You need to attend the evening clinic to participate in the practice session.  For convenience, you will have two choices for the practice session – a morning session or an afternoon session.


  • Evening Clinic: Thursday, November 9th, 6:30pm-8:30pm
    • Location: Kaf Adventures, 2960 4th Ave s. Suite #115, Seattle, WA. 98134
  • Practice Sessions: Saturday, November 11th, either 8am-12pm, or 1pm-4pm
    • Location TBD

Topics will include:

  • Glacier rigging
  • Rope Configuration
  • Belaying across a snow bridge
  • Middle person 3 person rescue
  • Team and quick Hauls
  • Chest harnesses
  • Ratchets used in hauling
  • 2 person crevasse rescue (Canadian Drop Loop)
  • 6:1 hauling systems

There are only 24 slots available!  Because the class size is limited, if more than 24 people have signed up a selection process will occur based on, among other things, engagement in climbing classes and club activities.  A refund will be issued to any who don’t get into the class.