Ski Skills Class

2024 Ski/Ride Skills Class on Wednesday Nights!

Ski classes for Alpine and Telemark skiers and Snow/Splitboarders keen to develop their skills.

Enjoy a break from the city and develop your skills so you can ski/ride the backcountry with more enjoyment.

This evening program helps you improve your ski/ride skills during uncrowded weeknights.  There are seperate sessions for ascending and descending skills.   The descending skills sessions use the lifts for  uphill travel to focus solely on descending skills

Classes are organized by ability level and gear type — so that your classmates are skiing/riding at about the same level using the same type of gear (Alpine/Fixed Heel, Telemark/Free Heel,  Snow/Splitboard )

All levels between “never” and “advanced” are available. (Sorry no expert level classes)

Location: Summit West — just across the freeway from the WAC Cabin, Exit 52 off of I-90

Days/Dates: Wednesdays:  Jan 10, 17, 24, 31, Feb 7 and 14  2024

Descent Skills Sessions

Times: 7:00-9:00 PM

Cost:  $290 

To ensure a spot, please enroll by December 15th.  No enrollments after December 31st. 

Lift tickets or seasons pass required and additional cost.

Season’s passes may be purchased through the program and are not subject  to “Sold Out” conditions that can happen for season’s passes sold through the summit’s main website, Seasons passes must be purchased by December 15th.    The “Remedy” and “Twilight” passes are the least expensive season’s passes usable for the program.   The least expensive option is to purchase “Afternoon/Night” lift tickets for the six Wednesdays well in advance for the lesson dates.  However a seasons pass that enables you to practice skills between lessons often enhances your progresssion.

Descent skills sessions gear
Since the lifts are used for uphill travel, you may successfully participate in these sessions using ordinary Alpine Ski gear or a regular snowboard.   Climbing skills or touring bindings are not required.  For telemark skiers, metal edged skis are required and plastic boots are expected.

Ascent skills sessions

Times: 5:30-6:30 PM

 Cost:  $132

Lift ticket or seassons pass not required for ascent skills sessions

The ascent skills sessons offers coaching on effective skinning, gear and other uphill travel skills.   Helping develop your ablility to climb effectively and efficiently, so once you get to your high point you’ll have more time and energy for the ride down.   

Avalanche safety and winter camping skills are taught in a separate program, the WAC Backcountry travel class

The WAC is will be having the WAC cabin open Wednesday nights — so you can stay over after the lesson and ski Thursday morning.

To enroll: 

  1. Become a WAC member.
  2. Email Randy Oakley @ for an enrollment link

More Info: Contact Randy Oakley @