BCC Instructor Training – Snow 1

BCC Instructor Training - Snow 1


Mar 11, 2023    
8:30 am - 4:00 pm


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Welcoming all instructors:  seasoned regulars, 1st years, and returning veterans!  In addition to a skills refresher, this day’s focus is to give you the critical details and methods needed to teach glacier travel, snow ascend/descend, ice axe arrest, and anchor building.  If you intend to volunteer at any alpine/snow related weekend, please attend at least one snow skills weekend.   All training will be held outdoors, so dress alpine winter style.  Bring helmet, ice axe, picket, shovel, harness and associated glacier travel gear.

Cabin fees will be waived both Friday and Saturday nights, so come up early and stay through Sunday.  We will be organizing group snowshoe and ski outings for Sunday.  Thank you for your support!  Without your time, commitment, and enthusiasm, the BCC would not be possible.


Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1xmMvwQp5O_ukp5G698EEq5O3nS2LirfIGmU0KwuTUtw/edit#response=ACYDBNjGVBwtxvPNaNrYUjLqYVX7LMQT6iuetRDZtzCx9olJU9KcGZXb7hEtaW-qbQ