Guye Cabin Open! Work Parties

Guye Cabin Open! Work Parties


May 16, 2023    
12:00 am

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This spring we will be adding insulation, and fireproof sheetrock to the gentlemen’s dorm.

We’ll add more as we get into June

May 16
May 19

May 23

I have good news. We are done with the heavy work now. All the insulation and sheetrock is installed. (all carried in over the snow!) I had some excellent help and we are a bit ahead of schedule.
Snow is melting really fast now.
Coming up-
  1. Tape and mud the joints smooth
  2. Paint the ceilings (primer and top coat)
  3. Small carpenter projects
  4. Install beadboard, then stain
  5. Trim and finish
  6. Sand and stain the floor
  7. Design and build new built in bunks
If any of these tasks are in your forte please let me know and we can find a day that works. 
There is still plenty of work to do well into June. I plan on working 2 days a week until complete.

This is a big job so we need help and muscle as well as commitment.

This is your chance to really contribute to the Guye Cabin community.

No experience is necessary and all are welcome.

Contact Mike Mahanay to help out!