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    Saturday, July 21 (backup 22 or following weekend)

    Chris Gerber

    Room for 3 new-grads

    Climb the second highest non-volcanic peak in WA!  Net gain of 6600′ (more if you’re the cumulative type!)  Traveling light, but helmets required.  This is definitely a trip for the loose-rock-scramble-junkie.  This is fun as a day trip, and we’ll treat it as such unless you convince me with baked goods to camp.

    Tempo: Middle of the road.  Slothy Rabbit?  Rabbity Sloth?

    Notes:  Got a couple instructors lined up already, so we just need some students ready to eat some dust and chew on gravel (seriously, there will be dust and gravel.)


    I am very interested in this and can offer salted caramel brownies… just saying


    Hey Chris! Got room for another?


    Hey Chris. I’m interested in this as well if you have room. Looks like a long day. Are you pretty convinced on doing this as a day trip?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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