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    It is time to plan for Summer Climbs 2017.

    This thread is a starting point for organizing the adventures for the new-grads from the 2017 class. If you wish to organize a climb, please include details such as:
    – Who is the organizer
    – Destination
    – Dates (may be flexible)
    – Intensity (“tempo-de-sloth” vs. “tempo-de-Begasse”)
    – how many people (new-grads and experienced)
    – any special notes.

    The trips can be anything from cragging in the evening, a simple day climb, to a multi-night adventure.


    June Trips:

    Paul Carduner & Kyle Johnson:
    Ruth/Icy Traverse June 24-25 Allegro-De-Efficiency (room for 5)

    Petek Saracoglu
    Adams (S. Spur) June 17-18 Good training.


    Peter Horsman
    Rainier-DC July 7-10 6 newgrads, 1 more experienced
    Rainier-Emmons July 23-26 2-3 newgrads

    Max Leitner & Kyle Johnson
    Clark & Luahna via Walrus Glacier July 15-16 Fast and Light (~30 miles)
    room for 4 newgrads, 2 experienced folk.

    Petek Saracoglu
    Ingalls — South Face July 15

    Wayne Begasse
    Eldorado July ??? Tempo-De-Begasse 4 newgrads

    Will Hamman
    Austera, Primus Mid July Friday->Sunday 4 newgrads


    Max Leitner & Kyle Johnson
    Washington Pass August 5/6 Routes based on interest and abilities, room for 2

    Peter Horsman
    Rainier-TBD August 25-28 5-6 1-2

    Wayne Begasse
    Chair Peak – NE Buttress August 19 Tempo-De-Begasse, room for 2

    Wayne Begasse
    Sahale August 12 Tempo-De-Begasse in one long day, room for 3


    Cutthroat Peak TBD rock-experience requested, room for 2
    Prime Rib of Goat TBD
    Tooth TBD if you didn’t get the tooth, room for 2

    Mike Daly/Jeff Bower/VW
    Kangaroo Temple TBD still working it out, room for 3

    Sarah Ward
    Exit 32/38 or Mazama Cragging TBD

    Mike Daly et. al.
    South Face-Ingalls perhaps still working it out


    As always, coordinate with the trip organizer. Not all trips are suitable for all climbers. When in doubt about the suitability of the trip for your abilities, do your research.

    The focus of the Summer Climbs program is to give the Basic Climbing Class graduates more opportunities to hone their skills.


    Hi! I would love to join the July 23 – 26 Rainier climb if possible!



    Also – light and fast for Max and Kyle July 15th – 16th climb!


    I am also interested in the 23-26th Rainier climb!


    I’m interested in the July 23-26 Rainier climb as well!


    Hi! Very interested in the Rainier 7/23-7/26, El Dorado, and Chair Peak. Also interested in Glacier and Olympus if anyone has interest in trips to those peaks.


    +1 for Glacier and Olympus!

    Interested in Shuksan as well.


    I’m interested in Sahale at Wayne speed, Eldorado, and Kangaroo Temple. Max and Kyle, I’d also love to join you at Washington Pass and can contribute some moderate leads.


    For those who haven’t been there yet, Camp Muir, Mount Rainier, June 24th. A recommended preview before your summit attempt via DC route. We will carry full-gear list packs. Trip will include a stop at the pinnacle of Anvil Rock for some dramatic views.

    This is a 15-hour Seattle-to-Seattle day trip. I plan to be on the road by about 5am. Start hiking about 8am. Be back at the car about 5pm and home by 8pm.



    Ira and Toby

    Reynolds Peak (one of the top 100)
    June 16-17
    Drive over on friday, climb and return to seattle saturday

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