Annual Cabin Fees Autorenew

From: $150.00 / year

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Plan to use Guye Cabin? Instead of paying nightly member fee ($25) to stay at the Guye Cabin, you can pay the annual Cabin fees which are effective Jan 1 to Dec 31. Not only does this provide great value, but it supports needed work on the Cabin.

If you buy today, your cabin use will be until the end of Dec 2025

This product will automatically bill your credit card each year. You can easily cancel anytime. If you don’t want to sign up for autorenew, use this product instead.

NOTE: Cabin use is contingent upon approval of your membership application.  The adults (persons over 18) under a family cabin fee must all be current WAC members and be immediate family members living together. Kids are defined as their children under 13 years of age. Any family member over the age of 13 that is not covered on the family’s annual cabin dues (i.e. not immediate family living together) must pay the guest or member fee when using the cabin.

Cabin Annual Fees (Available only for Members)
Individual Member$150.00
Immediate Family of two adult members +kids under 13$200.00
Immediate Family of two members + older kids$250.00