Group Use Cabin Fees

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Cabin Use Fee for Groups – Day, Overnight, or Exclusive Use

(Additional information for Groups can be found here)

Group fees:

  • The Leader of the Group  must complete Cabin Facility Training and be a WAC Member 
  • This must be completed at least 2 weeks after booking the reservation
  • The Leader is responsible for payment for the Group. The leader should collect it, and then pay using this page.
  • For non WAC groups there is a $100 non refundable deposit required to confirm your reservation
  • Private Groups $50 a day- plus $25 daily for each WAC member, $30 daily for each guest

Guye Cabin Group Process

  • Before your date, let your group know where to park, carpool, what food & drinks to bring, and what the sleeping accommodations are if staying overnight.
  • Let Mike know how many folks are coming and if you have any special needs or requirements. Also arrival and departure times. 
  • Unless you have exclusive use ($50 additional fee per night)there could be other folks using the Cabin (especially winter weekends).
Upon Arrival-
  • Everyone should sign in the register and log book in the Dining Room. What you are doing and for how long.
  • The Group Leader should pay the cabin fees online.
  • During the winter be sure to check in with the Cabin Host to what the Group can do to help.
  • Groups should bring a donation to Guye Cabin- (cleaning supplies, tissues, toilet paper, brooms, sanitizer, etc)
Things to know-
  • Sorry- no wireless
  • No smoking, drugs or alcohol anywhere on WAC property
  • There are three dorms- women’s, men’s, family, find a bunk, prepare it for the night in advance. Get your headlight ready.
  • Hostel style- Prepare your meal and clean up after yourself. Food only allowed in the kitchen/dining room to prevent mice
  • Everyone needs to help clean up at the end of the stay. Assign rooms and tasks. There is a chore sheet on the sign in table. In the winter shovel snow from the stairs and deck.
  • Take the trash, recycle, and compost home (no trash service at Snoqualmie Pass)

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