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Information about Dues and Fees

Membership DuesRegular Members,
ages 18-64
1 YEAR: Through Dec 2023$40.00$20.00
2 YEARS: Through Dec 2024$78.00$39.00
3 YEARS: Through Dec 2025$114.00$57.00
4 YEARS: Through Dec 2026$148.00$74.00
5 YEARS: Through Dec 2027$180.00$90.00

The WAC does not offer family memberships at this time. Each family member must have their own separate account.

Add annual cabin fee and save $$$

Plan to use the Cabin? Or just want to support the maintenance and improvements of the Cabin?
You can pay the annual Cabin fee. This is effective for the calendar year- Jan 1 to Dec 31.

Once you have renewed your membership, you can buy the Cabin annual membership.

Do you need to pay by check?

Send an email to They will let you know where to send the check and make sure that your membership gets processed quickly.