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Information about Dues and Fees

(There is no Family Membership option)

Membership Dues

Regular Members,
ages 18-64
Annual Dues
1 YEAR: Through Dec 2020 $40.00 $20.00
2 YEARS: Through Dec 2021 $78.00 $39.00
3 YEARS: Through Dec 2022 $114.00 $57.00
4 YEARS: Through Dec 2023 $148.00 $74.00
5 YEARS: Through Dec 2024 $180.00 $90.00

Plan to use the cabin? Instead of paying nightly ($20) to stay at the Guye Cabin, you can pay the annual cabin fees which are effective Jan 1 to Dec 31.

NOTE: Cabin use is contingent upon approval of your membership application. Cabin payments received will be refunded if your application, waiver, and membership payment are not completed within 30 days.  The adults (persons over 18) under a family cabin fee must all be current WAC members and be immediate family members living together. Kids are defined as their children under 13 years of age. Any family member over the age of 13 that is not covered on the family’s annual cabin dues (i.e. not immediate family living together) must pay the guest or member fee when using the cabin.

Cabin Annual Fees (Available only for Members)
Individual Member $150.00
Immediate Family of two adult members $200.00
Immediate Family of three adult (18+) members + kids $250.00

Still want to pay by check?

We can do it old-school as well.  Send checks to:

Washington Alpine Club
P.O. Box 352
Seattle, WA 98111

Make checks payable to Washington Alpine Club
NOTE: It is really helpful if you note on your check what it’s for: e.g. Renewal, Cabin Fees, etc. Also, if possible, please send and e-mail to letting Robertson Miller know to expect your check in the PO Box. Thank you

Do not send certified – please use regular mail.

Are you an old WAC member returning to the fold?

Welcome back! Good to see you again! To reinstate your membership, you’ll need to again fill out an application and waiver (application and waiver) and pay the new member fee, just like the new members.